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    Selected Journals

    • Applied spectroscopy. Ingenta (1997)-. Chemistry Library: LN AP5 SP27.
    • European journal of mass spectrometry.Chemistry Library: LN EU7 M372
    • Journal of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry. ScienceDirect(1990-1994), ScienceDirect Web Editions (most recent 12 months.) Chem: LN J82 AM33 SO12.
    • Journal of analytical atomic spectrometry : JAAS. Royal Society of Chemistry (1997-). Chemistry Library: LN J82 AN12
    • Journal of biomolecular NMR. Chemistry Library: LN J82 B524. Kluwer Online (1997-).
    • Journal of magnetic resonance. Chemistry Library: LN J82 M271.ScienceDirect (1997-).
    • Journal of mass spectrometry : JMS. Chemistry Library: LN J82 M411.Wiley Interscience (1997-).
    • Journal of molecular spectroscopy. Chemistry Library: LN J82 M73.ScienceDirect Web (most recent 12 months).
    • Journal of quantitative spectroscopy & radiative transfer. Physics Library: LH 7J82 Q24.
    • Mass spectrometry reviews. Chemistry Library: LN M37 SP34. Wiley Interscience (1997-).
    • Progress in nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy. Chemistry Library: LN P946 N88. ScienceDirect (1966-1994) ScienceDirect Web Editions (most recent 12 months.)
    • Rapid communications in mass spectrometry : RCM. Chemistry Library: LN R18 C73. Wiley Interscience (1997-).
    • Spectroscopy (Ottawa, Ont.). Chemistry Library: LN SP383 A1 OT8 (1982-1996). Academic Search Elite (1998-present. Most recent 3 months may not be available online.)



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