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Spectroscopy sites

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Web Sites

NMR Links

  • SpectroscopyNow.com
  • Spectroscopy Tools at Potsdam University. Includes Proton and Carbon correlation tables, carbon shift prediction, solvents, coupling constants and more.
  • WebNMR Study Problems for NMR Spectroscopy. A set of carbon and proton NMR spectra for interpretation. Some DEPT included, and plans are to add Cosy and Hetcor spectra. Site includes some background information about NMR and interpretation. Problems are divided into begining, intermediate, and advanced levels.
  • Peter Lundberg's Educational NMR List The ultimate list of NMR Software.
  • NMR meets MUSICIANS Walter Bauer's paper on audio FID's with audio files created with a JOEL 500.
  • NMR Concepts NMR Courses including the NSF Faculty Enhancement Workshops.
  • FTNMR FID Archive - Pacific Lutheran University NMR spectra (H-1, C-13, APT, and DEPT)of organic compounds in NUTS format.
  • Berkeley NMR Archive. Excellent listing of NMR Freeware.
  • NMRNet at the Illinois Wesleyan University Chemistry Department. Proton and carbon spectra of known and unknown compunds in Nuts format.

  • Accent Optical Technologies, Inc. - A leading supplier of process control and measurement tools to the optoelectronics and semiconductor industries worldwide.
  • Atomic Spectroscopy - A compendium of basic ideas, notation, data and formulas from the NIST Physics laboratory.
  • Carbon Erosion by Exposure to an  Intense Hydrogen Plasma Jet  - Paper by Albert de Jong and Lourens van Dijk on the making of optical emission measurements from an intensely hot target with a self-made spectrometer. [PDF]
  • FOCAS - The Facility for Optical Characterisation and Spectroscopy in Dublin.
  • Horiba Scientific - Manufacturer of analytical and measurement equipment. Provides details of the product range, markets, services and support.
  • Hovemere Ltd - Scientific Instrumentation - Hovemere Ltd. is a scientific instrument company specialising in optical and electronic measurement systems, for use in research applications.
  • Ioannes Marcus Marci Spectroscopic Society - Listing sections, links and officials based in Prague, Czech Republic.
  • Optiglass - Commercial site offering cells, cuvettes and reference materials for spectroscopy.
  • Raman Spectroscopy Group - Laboratoire de Physique de l'État Condense, Université du Maine, Le Mans, France. Information on members, research, instruments and events.
  • Society for Applied Spectroscopy - Non-profit organization dedicated to the dissemination of information related to spectroscopy. Provides details of membership, news, courses and the journal.
  • Southwest Sciences Home Page - Southwest Sciences is a small business that performs contract research emphasizing spectroscopic detection of trace gases for applications in combustion, atmospheric science, and industrial monitoring.
  • Spectral Calculator - Spectroscopy and remote sensing tools for researchers. Simulate molecular gas spectra, infrared radiance and atmospheric transmittance.
  • Spectroscopy - Magazine providing news, articles and resources. Offers current and past issues.
  • SpectroscopyNow.com - Applications of MS and spectral imaging at all wavelengths, each with features, news, job and related ads. Includes registration for member pages maintained by Wiley, UK.
  • The Science of Spectroscopy - Wiki technology based project to explain spectroscopy, the use of light to study matter.
  • Wikipedia: Spectroscopy - Broad information regarding the study of spectroscopy and its uses.
  • XPS, AES, UPS and ESCA - Database for surface spectroscopies as XPS, AES and UPS.

  • http://newdrugapprovals.org/

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