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Thursday, 31 March 2016

Ethyl 4-hydroxy-5-oxo-1,2-diphenyl-2,5-dihydro-1H-pyrrole-3-carboxylate

Green Chem., 2016, Advance Article
DOI: 10.1039/C6GC00157B, Paper
Hamideh Ahankar, Ali Ramazani, Katarzyna Slepokura, Tadeusz Lis, Sang Woo Joo
In this study, we reported a simple and efficient route for the one-pot sonochemical synthesis of substituted 3-pyrrolin-2-ones by citric acid as an additive.

Synthesis of pyrrolidinone derivatives from aniline, an aldehyde and diethyl acetylenedicarboxylate in an ethanolic citric acid solution under ultrasound irradiation

The ultrasound-promoted one-pot multicomponent synthesis of substituted 3-pyrrolin-2-ones using citric acid as a green additive in a green solvent is reported. Citric acid catalyzed the reaction efficiently without the need for any other harmful organic reagents. Clean reaction profile, easy work-up procedure, excellent yields and short reaction times are some remarkable features of this method. The utilization of ultrasound irradiation makes this method potentially very useful, fast, clean and convenient.

Synthesis of pyrrolidinone derivatives from aniline, an aldehyde and diethyl acetylenedicarboxylate in an ethanolic citric acid solution under ultrasound irradiation

*Corresponding authors
aDepartment of Chemistry, University of Zanjan, P O Box 45195-313, Zanjan, Iran
E-mail: aliramazani@gmail.com
bFaculty of Chemistry, University of Wrocław, 14 Joliot-Curie St., 50-383 Wrocław, Poland
cSchool of Mechanical Engineering, Yeungnam University, Gyeongsan 712-749, Republic of Korea
E-mail: swjoo@yu.ac.kr
Green Chem., 2016, Advance Article
DOI: 10.1039/C6GC00157B

Ethyl 4-hydroxy-5-oxo-1,2-diphenyl-2,5-dihydro-1H-pyrrole-3-carboxylate 

ethyl 4-hydroxy-5-oxo-1,2-diphenyl-2,5-dihydro-1H-pyrrole-3-carboxylate




//////Synthesis, pyrrolidinone derivatives, aniline,  aldehyde,  diethyl acetylenedicarboxylate,  ethanolic citric acid solution,  ultrasound irradiation

Dream beach, Hong Island, Thailand,  

koh hong, KRABI








Wednesday, 30 March 2016

IACS -9571





 N-(6-(3-(4-(dimethylamino)butoxy)-5- propoxyphenoxy)-l,3-dimethyl-2-oxo-2,3-dihydro-lH-benzo[d]imidazol-5-yl)-3,4- dimethoxybenzenesulfonamide 2,2,2-trifluoroacetate


Monday, 28 March 2016




Formula C15H22O

Average Mass 218.33460

 A carbotricyclic compound that is (+)-epi-isozizaene in which the hydrogens at position 5 have been replaced by an oxo group.



 multiplicity    chemical shift    type
D        0.88        1H
S        1.20        1H
D.D.D        1.66        1H
T        1.67        1H
D        1.79        1H
S        2.08        1H
T.T        2.10        1H
D        2.14        1H
D.Q.D        2.24        1H
T        2.25        1H
D        2.61        1H
D        2.84        1H
S        16.61        13C
S        18.66        13C
S        24.48        13C
S        29.33        13C
S        34.58        13C
S        37.09        13C
S        38.54        13C
S        39.03        13C
S        44.04        13C
S        44.74        13C
S        49.60        13C
S        140.92        13C
S        161.61        13C
S        207.88        13C


Albaflavenone biosynthetic pathway in S. coelicolor.


 UV-visible absorption spectra of purified CYP170A1 in Tris-HCl buffer (50 mm, pH 8.2). A, oxidized absolute spectrum in solid line; reduced spectrum using Na2S2O4 in dashed line. B, reduced CO difference spectrum showing unique 440 nm compared with the normal reduced CO difference spectrum at 450 nm of CYP105D5. C, type I binding spectrum resulting from addition of epi-isozizaene (0–30 μm) to CYP170A1 (2.5 μm). The substrate epi-isozizaene structure is shown.

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 Figure imgf000013_0001
Albaf lavenone exhibitε [ α 120 ° (EtOH , c 0 . 024 ) and CD Δe256 - 2 . 15 and Δe35ϋ 0 . 87M"1c-r.-' ( EtOH , 1 . 436 10^M) .
GC-MS inveεtigations of the crude EtOAc extract revealed the presence of geosmin identified by compariεon with computerized library data. The characteristic odour of the broth was due to a mixture of geosmin and albaflavenone. The powerful odour of pure albaflavenone is best described as earthy-camphor-like.

Table 1
NMR data of albaflavenone
Pos. *c *H J ROE
1 51.88
2 33.3d 2.20 6.8 13.27.3 H(3a), H(3b)
103a 47.4t 2.40 7.3 17.3 H(2), H(3b)
3b 2.02 13.2 17.3 H(2), H(3a), H(12)
4 207.4ε
5 138.8ε
6 153.0s
157 42.7s
8 46.2d 1.91 6.85.4 H(9b) , H(lla) , H(14) , H(15)
9a 24.4t 1.75 3.56.811.4 13.8 H(14), H(8), H(10b)
9b 1.79 9.16.3 1.8 13.8 H(8), H(10a), H(lla)
2010a 29.6t 1.61 6.3 11.4 11.3 H(lla), H(9a), H(10b)
10b 1.39 H(10a), H(9b)
11a 37.Ot 1.70 5.4 10.9 H(9a), H(10a), H(llb) lib 1.56 1.810.92.3 H(lla), H(14)
12 14.2q 1.07 6.8 H(2), H(3a), H(3b)
2513 13.Oq 2.09 H(15), H(14)
14 28.3q 1.15 H(llb) , H(8) , H(13) , H(15)
15 24.5q 1.12 H(14), H(13), H(8), H(9b)
0 Spectra were measured in CDC13 solution at 600 MHz for protonε and at 150.9 MHz for carbon. Chemical shifts are expressed in ppm relative to internal TMS and J in Hz. Biological activity
Pure albaflavenone was active against Bacillus subtilis . In the serial dilution assay the MIC for albaflavenone was determined as 8 ~ 10 μg/ml. Further studies of the antimicrobial activity are in progreεε.
The εtrain DSM 5415 waε characteriεed by a novel morphology, which has not previously been described for a streptomycete. Long ropeε of mycelium and εpore chains were formed on a range of media. A further isolate, DSM 6012 was found with the εa e morphology. Studieε of this strain are in progress. Strain DSM 5415 had an atypical menaquinone composition. Major amounts of MK9(H4) were detected. Broth cultures of DSM 5415 had a strong and characteristic odour originating from the seεquiterpenes geosmin and albaflavenone. The latter is an unusual, odorous, volatile metabolite with antibacterial activity.
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Abstract Image
The first total synthesis of albaflavenone, a novel antibiotic sesquiterpene, has been accomplished via the concise construction of its zizaene skeleton utilizing sequential intramolecular aldol condensation followed by chemo- and diastereoselective reduction of the conjugated carbon–carbon double bond. This synthetic work was completed in nine steps from 2-cyclopenten-1-one as a starting material without the use of protecting groups and with high stereocontrol. In addition, the absolute configuration of naturally occurring albaflavenone was determined to be 1R,2S and 8S.

Concise Total Synthesis of Albaflavenone Utilizing Sequential Intramolecular Aldol Condensation: Determination of Absolute Configuration

School of Life Sciences, Tokyo University of Pharmacy and Life Sciences, 1432-1 Horinouchi, Hachioji, Tokyo 192-0392, Japan
Org. Lett., 2014, 16 (24), pp 6397–6399
DOI: 10.1021/ol503202d





Mass fragmentation pattern Intensity:10V

m/z: 149.1

m/z: 191.1

m/z: 193.2

m/z: 201.2

m/z: 219.2


m/z: 67.1

m/z: 145.1

m/z: 147.1

m/z: 201.2

m/z: 219.2


m/z: 67.1

m/z: 69.1

m/z: 105.1

m/z: 107.1

m/z: 175.1
Zhao B, Lin X, Lei L, Lamb DC, Kelly SL, Waterman MR, Cane DE (2008)
Biosynthesis of the sesquiterpene antibiotic albaflavenone in Streptomyces coelicolor A3(2).
The Journal of biological chemistry 283, 8183-8189 [PubMed:18234666]
[show Abstract]
Lin X, Cane DE (2009)
Biosynthesis of the sesquiterpene antibiotic albaflavenone in Streptomyces coelicolor. Mechanism and stereochemistry of the enzymatic formation of epi-isozizaene.
Journal of the American Chemical Society 131, 6332-6333 [PubMed:19385616]
[show Abstract]
Zhao B, Lei L, Vassylyev DG, Lin X, Cane DE, Kelly SL, Yuan H, Lamb DC, Waterman MR (2009)
Crystal structure of albaflavenone monooxygenase containing a moonlighting terpene synthase active site.
The Journal of biological chemistry 284, 36711-36719 [PubMed:19858213]
[show Abstract]
Kobayashi T, Kon Y, Abe H, Ito H (2014)
Concise total synthesis of albaflavenone utilizing sequential intramolecular aldol condensation: determination of absolute configuration.
Organic letters 16, 6397-6399 [PubMed:25469861]
[show Abstract]
Gürtler H, Pedersen R, Anthoni U, Christophersen C, Nielsen PH, Wellington EM, Pedersen C, Bock K (1994)
Albaflavenone, a sesquiterpene ketone with a zizaene skeleton produced by a streptomycete with a new rope morphology.
The Journal of antibiotics 47, 434-439 [PubMed:8195043]
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Takamatsu S, Lin X, Nara A, Komatsu M, Cane DE, Ikeda H (2011)
Characterization of a silent sesquiterpenoid biosynthetic pathway in Streptomyces avermitilis controlling epi-isozizaene albaflavenone biosynthesis and isolation of a new oxidized epi-isozizaene metabolite.
Microbial biotechnology 4, 184-191 [PubMed:21342464]
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Moody SC, Zhao B, Lei L, Nelson DR, Mullins JG, Waterman MR, Kelly SL, Lamb DC (2012)
Investigating conservation of the albaflavenone biosynthetic pathway and CYP170 bifunctionality in streptomycetes.
The FEBS journal 279, 1640-1649 [PubMed:22151149]
[show Abstract]



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